The City That Forever Sleeps is now for sale!

It’s official. The book is now online and available for download from numerous sites and in a variety of formats. You can find links to these sites here. I hope everyone enjoys the read, I’m very proud of this one. And please remember to leave feedback on the site you purchased it from when you’re done. All feedback helps authors get their works acknowledged and advertised better online, and even just a one word comment like “Great!” can have the same effect as a full page review. Happy reading!


The new cover art is up

I’ve finished the new cover art for The City That Forever Sleeps and it’s up on the site (see below). The book is also now finished and has been uploaded onto all the usual sites, so keep your eyes peeled for it appearing soon. I’ll have links up for it in the coming days as it becomes available for purchase.


We have success!

Finally, the book is online and available for purchase on the Smashwords website, where you can download it in 8 different formats for viewing on a range of devices. You can also preview a large portion of the book before you purchase it. And watch out for it appearing on sites like Apple’s iBooks, KoboBooks and Barnes & Noble over the next few days. Plus don’t forget it is also available from Amazon =)

And in other news, it looks like my second novel will be finished in about 2 weeks and should be online shortly after that. I’m feeling like this one is even better than the first!

I’m online!

My site is finally up and running and very soon my first title, Anatasia: The Dream Chronicles, will be available for purchase online. And even better, my second title, The City That Forever Sleeps, is only a few short weeks away too.